Stories from the easiest way to buy, sell, and use Handshake.

Introducing Wrapped HNS

WHNS brings greater liquidity and DeFi to Handshake.

Handshake: Own your name on the Internet

Handshake enables you to truly own your online identity, otherwise known as your usernames and domain names.

.C case study

Clay Collins talks to us about his success selling .C subdomains.

February 2021 Highlights

Secondary marketplace volume grew 115%, surpassing the secondary market for ENS names. Domain usage grew 25%. Influencers w/ millions of followers are using dLinks and community growth is exploding.

Namer News

A social network built for Web 3.0

Handshake login

Log into websites using your Handshake name without needing to store emails or passwords

January 2021 Highlights

The cultural zeitgeist is now affirming the need for decentralization. Between marketplace growth, community expansion, and new Namebase services, 2021 is off to an exciting start.

Single Blockchain Domain “.NFT” Sells For US$84,000

The Namebase Marketplace brokered this record-breaking deal for a Handshake domain

dLinks: This is not a product launch

It's just the beginning of the next stage of the Internet

Announcing the "Make an offer" feature

Unlocking name liquidity on Namebase

Six New Handshake TLDs Launched Through the Namebase Registry

Following the launch of .JS and .TXT, six new TLDs are available for domain registration: .API, .BASE, .C, .ZEN, .MKE, .GIN

Handshake x Skynet tutorial

How to use Handshake and Skynet together through the Namebase API

Private bidding

Namebase has created a way to register Handshake names privately

Private naming

Namebase has created a way to register Handshake names privately

.JS and .TXT are now live

Learn about the first two TLD registries launched on the Handshake DNS protocol!

Namebase Marketplace Launch

Namebase's secondary marketplace is going live tomorrow!

Valuing the Handshake Naming System (HNS)

Pondering the historical difficulty of real digital scarcity, thinking about why domain names currently bring in billions of dollars annually, and considering the implications of true ownership over names.

How to buy HNS

A walkthrough for purchasing HNS with Namebase.io

How to access Handshake domains

A walkthrough for resolving Handshake domains with NextDNS.io

Tutoriel 1: Handshake et HNS

Toutes les informations importantes concernant le protocole Handshake et l'usage des jetons (HNS)

Tutorial 5: Difference between Handshake domains and traditional domains

Understanding the core principles that make blockchain based naming protocols different from traditional domains

Tutorial 4: What is Namebase and how does it work

A step by step guide on how to use Namebase

チュートリアル1: HandshakeとHNSとは何か


Tutorial 3: Basics of Handshake auction and bidding

A quick guide on understanding how the auction and bidding process works

Why we built Namebase Pro

We want to make it really easy for anyone to access the Handshake's ecosystem

Tutorial 2: How to mine HNS

A complete guide on how to mine $HNS

Handshake launch timeline

Key dates for Handshake's launch

You can make a difference

It only takes 1000 true believers to change the world. You can make a difference by joining the community and inviting one friend.

Tutorial 1: What is Handshake and HNS

Everything you need to know about the Handshake protocol and the utility of (HNS)

Announcing | Handshake Launch + Namebase Educational Series

We believe that shared knowledge can incubate wonderful applications.

Conheça o Handshake: descentralizando DNS para melhorar a segurança da Internet

O handshake pode tornar a Internet mais segura, fornecendo uma alternativa distribuída às autoridades de certificação (CAs) e tornando os nomes de domínio resistentes à censura, à apreensão e à violação.

It's Not Too Late to Save the Internet

The vision, mission, and strategy for Namebase

Meet Handshake: Decentralizing DNS to Improve the Security of the Internet

Handshake can make the internet more secure by providing a distributed alternative to Certificate Authorities (CAs) and making domain names censorship-resistant, seizure-resistant, and tamper-proof.