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How to buy HNS

A walkthrough for purchasing HNS with Namebase.io

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You will need a Namebase account to purchase HNS through Namebase.io. If you have not done so, register here.

Buying HNS with BTC

If you are outside the USA and want to purchase HNS on Namebase, you will have to first purchase Bitcoin to then transfer to your Namebase account. While there are numerous ways to buy BTC, the example below uses coinbase.com.

1. If you haven’t already, first set up your Coinbase account. Once you’re set up, visit https://www.coinbase.com/price/bitcoin and buy however much Bitcoin you want to transfer to Namebase to convert into HNS

2.In your Coinbase Portfolio, select Bitcoin and the Receive button, and copy the receiving address of your Coinbase wallet.

3. Go to https://www.namebase.io/buy and enter the amount of BTC you want to convert to HNS in the Step 1 section, and paste the Coinbase receiving address in the Step 2 section

4. Copy the address produced in Step 4—this is your Namebase account’s receiving address where you will send the BTC in your Coinbase account to

5. Go back to Bitcoin in your Coinbase Portfolio and this time select the Send button, and paste your Namebase account’s receiving address into the “Recipient” field.

It takes about an hour to confirm BTC transactions so check your dashboard periodically to confirm your HNS reception.

Buying HNS with USD

If you are within the USA, the easiest way to purchase HNS will be directly with USD on Namebase, though you still have the option to purchase HNS with BTC. Note that these instructions are for the lucky few participating in the Namebase USD beta. If you’d like early access to USD payments, email [email protected] and tell us why you’re excited to use Handshake!

1. Go to https://www.namebase.io/buy, click the drop down arrow next to “BUY WITH BTC”, and select U.S. Dollars.

2. Click Add a payment method, click Continue, select your bank, and then complete your bank’s login procedures.

3. Input the amount of HNS you’d like to purchase, click Buy HNS, and then confirm your order by clicking Buy now. Congrats, you now own some HNS!

If you’d like to unlink your bank account, go to your dashboard, click USD in your wallet, click Remove, and then click Remove to confirm.

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