Learn how people are using Namebase to consistently flip domains for 10x to 100x returns in a matter of weeks.

You too can 90x your investment in a day. Here's how.

The Handshake name idgaf/ sold at auction for 45 HNS. On February 23rd, the auction closed and the domain hit the owner’s wallet. The very next day, they sold the domain for 4000 HNS, representing an 89x return on that investment.

People are consistently flipping HNS names for 10-100x returns. Here’s how they do it.

This is the most important graph for anyone interested in buying, and selling a Handshake domain. It shows that over the last year, 1 in 5 domains sold on the Namebase Marketplace have generated 100x returns or more (chart is adjusted for HNS/USD price fluctuations).

The median return for a domain bought at auction (for at least $1 USD), and sold on the marketplace is 19.4x.

Let’s walk through how a Namer typically ends up going from winning a name at auction to seeing a return like this.

Listing a domain for sale on Namebase

24% of domains won at auction are eventually listed on the Namebase Marketplace. For these names that find their way onto the marketplace, there’s typically very little time between a name being won, and a name being listed.

22% of all domains on the marketplace are listed within 8hrs of being won at auction.

That number more than doubles by the end of the first 48 hours: 49% of names that will be listed on the marketplace are listed within 2 days of their being won at auction.

And by the end of the first 7 days, 75% of domains are listed.

What to expect once you’ve listed your name

Once on the Namebase Marketplace, we’ve found domains follow a typical, interesting path.

Many domains are sold within days of being listed. 16% are sold within 24 hours of being listed on the marketplace. Themedian domain sells for 19x its auction price which is an incredible return.

And if your domain hasn’t sold after that first day, fear not. Over half of domains are sold within two weeks of being listed.

How to become a power seller

The 8 week mark is the next checkpoint to look out for when selling a domain. Past that, domains typically only have a 12% chance of finding a new owner. In this case, you’re much more likely to get a sale if you spend a small amount of effort marketing your name, which is what all the power sellers do. Here’s how they do it.

Step 1: Create a dLinks page. If you have a portfolio of names, you can create one dLinks page, and list all the names you have for sale, or set up a dLinks on the domain you’re selling itself. Filling the domain with content will help excite others about the potential for that TLD.

Step 2: Share the dLinks page on Twitter. The Handshake community is active on Twitter, and loves connecting with others looking to buy and sell Handshake domains.

Step 3: Tag relevant accounts. Do your research on which buyers might be interested in the niche you’re targeting with your name. Tag them in your posts to increase the reach and engagement of your marketing efforts.

Step 4: Join the Namebase Discord. In the Namebase Discord, the #selling-names channel is where community members share names they have for sale directly with others.

These steps have worked for thousands of others so far, and we’re excited to see how you engage with the wider Handshake community as well.

Sign up for Namebase now to start getting these 10 - 100x returns. And if you don’t yet have an account, sign up with this link for a 10% bonus on all HNS you purchase.*

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* Must purchase at least 100 HNS to qualify, reward is paid out after holding HNS for at least 6 weeks. Full terms here.

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