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Namebase is the easiest way to trade Handshake coins and use Handshake names.

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What is Handshake

The Internet is losing privacy, free speech, and security. Handshake makes the Internet more secure and places ownership back in your hands.

Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

Handshake names are top-level domains like .com and .org. Register a Handshake TLD (i.e. .satoshi) and create any domain you want (i.e. whos.satoshi, im.satoshi, craigisnot.satoshi).

Unstoppable names

Handshake names are censorship-resistant, seizure-resistant, and tamper-proof because they are stored on a Proof-of-Work blockchain.

Unlimited use cases

You can point your Handshake name to any digital asset. Host your website, use your name to receive crypto, or come up with your own use case!

What we do

Namebase is an exchange, cloud wallet, and registrar for Handshake names.

Buy and sell Handshake coins (HNS)

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Buy and sell Handshake coins with USD or BTC
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Secure storage — the majority of the coins are stored in secure offline storage. You can always access your assets through your cloud wallet.
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Register Handshake domain names


A Handshake domain
Website Address
Bitcoin Wallet
Ethereum Wallet
Any Digital Asset
Link to any digital asset with an address
Bid on Handshake names. Names are offered through an auction to ensure a more fair distribution of domains.
Manage your name settings — point it to any digital resource.
Sell your name in our marketplace.
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Trade HNS in our Pro exchange

Easy-to-use API
Low fees

How it works

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Buy Handshake coins
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Bid on names you like
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Use the names you've won
Decentralized DNS will enable a new era of uncensorable apps, and Namebase aims to be the easiest place to get one.
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Eric Meltzer
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Namebase is an easy and safe way to claim your name on the Handshake blockchain.
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Namebase is the bridge for Handshake to reach its potential. Decentralized names are critical for the success of the decentralized web.
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