Own your name on the
decentralized Internet

The Internet is owned by a handful of corporations.

You’ve been paying companies that own domain extensions like .com and .net just for the right to rent their domains. Meanwhile, even popular apps like TikTok are increasingly blocked around the world.

It’s time to place ownership of the Internet into the hands of people, not corporations or governments.

Pick any name.

  • .zen

  • .你好

  • .❤️

  • .yourbrand

Namebase is a top-level domain (TLD) name registrar that operates on the Handshake blockchain.

You can now own your own TLD extension – one of the most powerful and valuable digital assets in existence – that is fully decentralized on the blockchain.

Why Handshake

Owned, not rented

Own your TLD instead of renting subdomains from legacy TLDs. You control your TLD and can do whatever you want with it.

Unlimited domains

Stop paying for new domains to share your side projects — create unlimited domains with your TLD for free e.g. this.project, next.project

Sovereign identity

Control your own identity and create redirects for your online presence like facebook.yourname, twitter.yourname, github.yourname.


Handshake is a decentralized alternative to certificate authorities that is more secure and difficult to censor.


Use Namebase’s private bidding feature to register names and deploy websites anonymously.

Monetize your TLD

Create a business and sell domains off your TLD with the Namebase Registry.

Use Handshake today

How it works


Buy Handshake coins

We’re a full-service exchange and wallet. You can purchase HNS with USD or BTC.

Bid on names you like

Names are offered through an auction that runs entirely on the blockchain.

Use your names

Set up your website, a custom URL redirect, or even sell subdomains off your top-level domain.

The Registry

Earn money selling subdomains off your TLD. Get paid recurring income for every subdomain you sell.

Distribution — Plug into Namebase's network of registrars, like gateway.io, to supercharge distribution for your TLD.

Peace of mind — We've got you covered. Namebase handles domain registration, revenue collection, and renewals. Sit back and collect your profits!

The Marketplace

If you missed out on your name’s auction, it might be for sale in our marketplace.

Instantly purchase names.

Sell your top-level domain.

Namebase Pro

Trade HNS in our Pro exchange

Easy-to-use API

Low fees

Welcome to the decentralized Internet

Go big for your ambitious idea, brand, or online identity