Refer your friends and earn HNS

The perks

+30% bonus on every HNS purchase

For any HNS your friend buys, you get +20% HNS and they get +10%
Bonuses are paid out at a 6 week delay so long as your friend holds the HNS for those 6 weeks. Selling HNS, withdrawing HNS or buying names on the marketplace decreases the amount of HNS considered to be ‘held.’ Bidding on names does not decrease the 'held' amount. HNS purchases on Namebase Pro do not count toward the bonus.

How it works

  1. Copy your referral link.

  2. Share your referral link with a friend.

  3. Earn a +20% HNS bonus when they purchase at least 100 HNS. They’ll get a +10% bonus on top of their purchase as well.

Gifting names will automatically count as referrals

Don't forget

HNS is decentralizing the $100 Billion DNS industry.
The Brave browser has over 30m users and HNS integration is underway.
Namecheap, the #2 domain registrar after GoDaddy, purchased an HNS name for $250k.
HNS names are a top 20 NFT by trading volume.
Namebase pays referral fees. These fees are discretionary and up to the judgement of Namebase. We do not allow customers to refer themselves or existing users. We reserve the right to discontinue and reclaim a particular accounts referral fees if we determine that it is violating our policies. Namebase maintains the right to modify our referral policies with or without notice at any time. Namebase might not entertain any complaints surrounding referral fees for any reason.