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You live your life online but you don't own your online identity. It's time to change that.

iPhone with the Namebase website open, displaying an NFT portfolio with return on investment of 122%
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$HNS TLD’s are going to be a crucial element in Web 3.0 / dWeb. Your TLD will be your user name on socials, your website address, your digital identity, your Defi address, your email/chat id, your NFT vault and much more (plus they’re scarce, valuable and just good fun to own).

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How it works

01Buy HNS
You can purchase Handshake coins ($HNS) with USD or BTC.
02Buy, bid, or make an offer
Bid on new names that have never been registered before or negotiate to buy a name in the marketplace.
03Use or resell your name
Use your name as your decentralized username or website, or resell your name in our marketplace for a profit.
An iPhone with the Namebase website open, displaying the Handshake domain NFT marketplace
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Handshake is decentralizing the $100bn DNS industry

HNS market cap
DNS industry revenue per year
Handshake marketcap as a percentage of the DNS industry yearly revenue