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This $400m protocol now supports Handshake.

Find out why the next Dapp you use will be built with the help of Argo and Namebase.

Handshake provides censorship-resistant domain names for Web3 internet applications. But in order to build a fully decentralized application, all the other layers of an application’s technology stack must also be decentralized. That’s why we’re excited to announce our most recent partnership with ArGo.

ArGo is a platform that ships your data and web apps to the decentralized ecosystem. Any dApp built using a supported tech stack can start deploying their web application using ArGo.

The blockchain that ArGo utilizes to deploy decentralized applications is Arweave. Arweave is a global, permanent hard drive built on top of a blockchain. Files uploaded to Arweave are censorship-resistant, require no maintenance, and with a one-time fee, are stored for years.

Tieshun, Namebase’s CEO said of the partnership,

“Argo has built a great solution for developers to use decentralized hosting protocols like Arweave. We’re partnering with Argo to combine decentralized naming with decentralized hosting to enable fully decentralized Web3 applications.”

Similar to how Namebase makes it simple to interact with the Handshake blockchain, the ArGo team has done an incredible job at making Arweave accessible to the masses. It works directly with Jamstack frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.

This lets you focus on just building your application while ArGo takes care of decentralizing it.

They also provide DNS configuration for every deployment, which is where Namebase comes in.

Any app deployed with ArGo will have a simple, one click button to connect a Handshake domain. Simply acquire your domain on Namebase by opening up an auction on a new name, or purchasing one from the marketplace. Then, with your application on ArGo, you’ll be able to push a single button to confirm your ownership of the domain. We’ll set the exact domain records needed for your application to go live, and ArGo handles the rest.

With a Handshake domain pointing to content stored on the Arweave blockchain, developers are able to create sites that are fully decentralized. This most recent Namebase x Argo partnership makes that process simple.

ArGo’s CEO, Prashant Maurya, stated,

“Handshake is among the most prominent protocols concerning decentralized and permissionless lending protocols. This partnership with ArGo will enable both communities to enjoy the numerous benefits associated with both strong ecosystems.”

We’re excited to see how both the broader Handshake, and Arweave communities take advantage of this new partnership to build fully decentralized applications. If you need any help using either service, we’d be happy to provide support, and share your application with the Web3 community.

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