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August 2021 Highlights

A new comprehensive ecosystem-wide update!

We're trying something new this month by asking fellow organizations in the Handshake ecosystem to also share their individual monthly reviews for a more comprehensive Handshake ecosystem-wide update. Our goal is to bridge the communication gaps between projects within the Handshake ecosystem and to surface opportunities for collaboration.

Thank you to dWeb Foundation, Flamingo Handshake, HNSfans, HNSSearch, Impervious, Kyokan, Niami, RealtyDAO, Shakestats, and SkyInclude for sharing your highlights!

If you wanted to hear from an org that we missed, share their contact info with johnnywu/ and we'll make sure they're part of next month's review!


The easiest way to get started on Handshake

Opportunities to help:

  • 20,000 HNS bounty: Implementing an IPFS fallback resolver. This could make all IPFS-comptaible applications automatically resolve Handshake names.

  • 1,000 HNS bounty: Create a Namer News clone where only subdomain owners of a specific TLD can login. This should take advantage of both subdomain gifting and Handshake login (which supports logging in with subdomain gifts).

  • 500 HNS bounty: We use this library to render emojis on Namebase. In order for zero-width joiner emojis to be rendered properly on Namebase, this library needs to get updated.

  • Ping johnnywu/ in the Namer Community Discord if you're interested in taking on any of these bounties.

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dWeb Foundation

A Foundation for the Third Internet Era

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Flamingo Handshake

Premium Live Auctions for Handshake Names

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  • Preparing for sixth monthly auction, this time during NamesCon on Day 3, Sept 24.

Opportunities to help:


HNS Chinese community

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  • We will timely convey and translate valuable information

  • Tell newcomers what HNS is and how to buy names

Opportunities to help:

  • Some HNS lives/auctions/news are so interesting, it would be great if someone can teach members in our community how to participate.


Your window into the dweb; indexing the New Internet one name at a time

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  • This month the HNSSearch Twitter handle was established as we enter the final stage before the release of V2 / LINDA on the 22nd of September.

  • V2 of HNSSearch is a complete overhaul of the current website with a new design and a completely new way of indexing websites. Additionally, the backend is hosted on Akash and the frontend and will be hosted on Sia Skynet to fully decentralize HNSSearch. V2 will be open-sourced.

  • This month we were finalizing the crawler and testing the backend as well as preparing to finalize the front end. Still a lot of work to do, but beta announcements should be out at the beginning of September.


Cypherpunk development for Bitcoin and Handshake

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  • At the beginning of August, we officially launched .forever domains -- the world's first truly decentralized domain names that you can own forever without fear of seizure or censorship (and without renewal fees).

  • The .forever top level domain (TLD) is stored in the Handshake root zone, and the TLD cannot be modified by anyone. All second level domains (SLDs) are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and the SLDs are managed by an ENS smart contract that also cannot be modified by anyone. So you truly own your .forever domain, completely and forever.

  • In the first month, we sold 183 domains, and they're all viewable on OpenSea. 2 of those domains (nfts.forever and porno.forever) have already been flipped for 0.21 ETH.

  • You can register your own .forever domains here:

  • You can also receive daily/weekly/monthly reports about .forever domain registrations by following @ForeverDomains on Twitter.

  • For more information about the project, please read our press release and our announcement blog post.


We make decentralized stuff

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  • Bob Wallet now supports Ledger hardware wallets (Nano S and Nano X) to keep your wallet and names safe. This is available in the latest release v0.8.0.

  • Handshake reserved name claims (Alexa top 100k domains as well as ICANN TLDs) are coming to Bob Wallet! All that's needed is setting a DNS record. Local DNSSEC signing, air-gapped signing, HSM signing with PKCS11 are also supported.

  • Launched Bob Extension, a wallet that runs in your browser, and enables DNS resolving through Handshake DNS. It injects a Bob3 object into every website and allows dapps to interact with your wallet à la MetaMask. It can also be used to manage your Handshake TLDs, and enables logging into dapps with those names.

Opportunities to help:

  • If anyone faces any problems (or finds any bugs) with Bob Desktop or Extension, feel free to join the Telegram group / Discord or create an issue on GitHub. If you're a developer, maybe even contribute fixes / new features!


Explore Handshake names in a fun way

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  • Highlights:

    • Spent the past 6 weeks on the project which was really fun

    • The feedback from the community is just great and I'm very grateful for each one

  • Lessons learned:

    • Ask Matt Zipkin before you spent hours figuring it out yourself. Most helpful human ever. If you have any questions about the technical Handshake stuff => He is your guy

Opportunities to help:

  • Install and try the Bob wallet Browser extension

  • Use it with niami (Update coming in about 1-2 weeks)


Fractional Staking in Premium URLs and TLD's

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  • We reaffirmed our conviction that HNS and these TLD's will likely be a key tech stack or worthless in 5 years.. We learned just really how fast things are moving and composing together seeing the Dweb stack growing exponentially.

  • Lowlights, we got hacked for 15 eth and then saw many others get hit with same exploit and had little ability to help stop the issue. We made the decision to wrap our HNS/ Domain asset on the Binance chain and now processing transactions 95% faster and cheaper with over 300 HNS and premium domain assets onchain now at The tokenized marketplace for domains.

  • We learned to have patience and understanding that well be changing contracts/ networks again in 6 months but HNS and URLs assets are the bedrock that won't be changing anytime soon and a bright future ahead. The narrative will continue to play out.

Opportunities to help:

  • RealtyDAO is struggling with asset valuations- pricing, story boarding and clearly communicating the future asset potential, plans and tools available to leverage the Digital Native Assets (DNA). We are seeking to contract out via a bounty, someone who can help package up in a nice presentation.

  • We have over $5,000 available for Integrations and Distributions with other crypto/tech channels through referrals and/or development help with such integrations. Compensated in HNS, Cash and RDAO, allowing bigger stakes in individual assets in the RealtyDAO Tokenized marketplace like .chain/, .apps, .aqua, etc.

  • We are in education phase of Dweb, DAO's and the DStack architecture and have a bounty to design and help build an onboarding process that educates others on why they should consider these new models, assets and systems and join RealtyDAO today.

  • Anyone into Blockchain based Gaming? On the side, we are building a Player Owned Environmental Impact Gaming Platform, Ping if your into helping and CONTRIButing with others to help build these kick ass impact games on premium domain assets.

Thanks, edad


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  • Hey Namers! This month has been really big for Shakestats, all thanks to you lovely people.

  • Alongside quietly working on the launch of our new rebranded website, we had our Inaugral IDN Auction making over 80,000 HNS in sales, with over 20,000 HNS going towards community orgs.

  • We are very excited to be continuing these events for all Namers monthly.

  • We have huge updates coming soon for our Website, can't wait to show all of you.

Opportunities to help:

  • We are looking for people to help with building enhancements to our search tool

  • We are looking for some SQL wizzes to help out with displaying more in depth aggregate and category statistics

  • We are also looking for people to help us with creating subcategories for Handshake names (using Regex)

  • If you are interested in working with us, through completing some bounties, feel free to message :)


Education & Services For Building Websites on Handshake

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  • Working on a donation system to allow the community to more easily put funds into specific projects at

  • Did a 1 hour recording w/ Matt Zipkin on DANE, posting soon

  • Chatted with Marcin Mikus about Handshake, Web3, DVPN, and Akash

Opportunities to help:

  • Looking for developers who can integrate Brave and working on fundraising campaign for it at

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Additional community highlights

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