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.C case study

Clay Collins talks to us about his success selling .C subdomains.

When did you launch .C

On August 7th of 2020, we launched .C domains on 101Domain and Encirca; it's been a wild ride ever since. 

How difficult was it to get started?

The process was pretty simple.

How much are you making from .C?

I don't have access to comprehensive analytics just yet. That said, sales from the month of March point to a ~$85k annual run rate (i.e. if sales stay steady, I will earn roughly $85K in HNS over the next 12 months).

Note: Since Clay provided his response .C has already grown to a $133K Annual Run Rate.

What have you done to get sales for .C?

I spend ~30 minutes / week on twitter talking about .C domains (see, for example, this income report).

I also took out a week of ads on (my startup).

Who's using .C?

We've sold several hundred domains, but haven't done a thorough review of domain usage yet.

Several customers have created redirects from the domains (for example ii.c/ or, and there's a great deal of speculation happening.  I believe we'll need to see greater adoption of HNS domain resolvers before customers begin using .C domains for their primary business website (but I see this happening in the next 2-4 years).

How big do you think .C can get in terms of revenue and registrations?

Presently, .C has moved into the top 500 of all TLDs ranked by # of registered domains, according to nTLDstats (this doesn't yet include Handshake TLDs just yet). But this is just the beginning.

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