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Too good to be true? This industry heavyweight just adopted Handshake

You can now buy Handshake domains on

One of the top 100 domain registrars in the world just integrated with the Namebase Registry to offer Handshake domains to their customers. This marks the third ICANN accredited domain registrar to support Handshake domains — the first two are and More registrar adoption establishes greater legitimacy for Handshake as it decentralizes the $100B DNS industry. It also gives Handshake TLD owners greater monetization options. If you’re a TLD owner, stake your name in the Namebase Registry to sell your own domains through,,, and now,

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Tieshun Roquerre
CEO at Namebase|

Tieshun is a Thiel Fellow who studied Math and Computer Science at MIT before starting Namebase. Previously at the age of 16 he became a fullstack engineer at Teespring, and at the age of 17 he founded StrongIntro which was funded by Y Combinator and Greg Brockman (founder of OpenAI). Tieshun's mission is to improve the security of the Internet by giving an unstoppable name to everyone in the world.