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Introducing the Registry Manager

The new Registry Manager allows you to set premium pricing and select reserved domains.

We're thrilled to introduce the new and improved Registry Manager for TLDs staked in the Namebase Registry. The Registry Manager enables Handshake TLD owners to better monetize and manage their domain communities.

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Key Features:

  • Change base TLD pricing for registrations and renewals

  • Set pricing for premium subdomains using bulk CSV upload

  • Specify reserved domains to hold back from public registration

  • Track subdomain sales and active registrations

  • Immediately unstake domains without active SLD registrations

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We have also made a few changes to our registry policies including our Terms of Service. To learn more about staking, TLD pricing, registrar syndication, and other important details, please visit the new Namebase Registry page along with our support documentation.

Please note that to avoid HNS price volatility, we've pinned the staking fee at a fixed $100 (in HNS). Previously, the staking fee has ranged from $50 to over $300 in USD value, so this was a necessary change to keep stable pricing.

Discover the full potential of your Handshake TLDs with the new Registry Manager and enhanced Namebase Registry. Sell more domains with our network of trusted registrars. We're excited to see all the new .Brands you create!

Happy staking!