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Namebase has been acquired!

Namecheap has acquired a controlling interest in Namebase


As you may have already heard, Namecheap has acquired a controlling stake in Namebase

Namebase will continue operating as an independent lean startup (this means we're still the same platform you're already familiar with), but will now also benefit from Namecheap's invaluable resources.

While this news may be somewhat bittersweet, all of us at Namebase are ridiculously excited about Namecheap’s all-in commitment to lead Handshake towards mass adoption, because their fit with HNS could not possibly be any more aligned.

Namecheap not only comes with decades of deep experience in the DNS industry, but it was also the very first domain name register to ever accept BTC. That was back in 2013!

Namecheap was an OG in DNS.

Namecheap was an OG in crypto.

Namecheap is now an OG in something that combines the best of both DNS and crypto: Handshake.

Note that this full transition may take a few months to settle down, during which responses to support inquiries, bug fixes, and new feature releases may take longer than usual.

With that said, this should be plenty of time to get very excited for Handshake’s very near-future. 

Til then, happy naming! 


P.S. We're hosting a virtual community get together this Saturday, come by with your questions!

  • Time: February 19th, 5:00pm EST

  • Location: Gather Town

  • Password: HNS

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