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October 2021 Highlights

Privacy conference sponsored by Handshake, connect Handshake to IPFS


The easiest way to get started on Handshake

Opportunities to help:

  • 2,000 HNS bounty: Create a "Card game" where Handshake names can be used as the cards. Names can have different stats and classes based on what type of names they are (e.g. Tank, Mage, Assassin for Alphabet, Numerical, and Emoji domains).

  • 1,000 HNS bounty: Create a Namer News clone where only subdomain owners of a specific TLD can login. This should take advantage of both subdomain gifting and Handshake login (which supports logging in with subdomain gifts).

  • 500 HNS bounty: We use this library to render emojis on Namebase. In order for zero-width joiner emojis to be rendered properly on Namebase, this library needs to get updated.

  • Open role: "Events Organizer". Our community needs a Namer who can help organize Directors to represent Handshake at their local blockchain events. Main responsibility is researching blockchain events that are happening around the world.

  • Ping johnnywu/ in the Namer Community Discord if you're interested in taking on any of these bounties.

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dWeb Foundation

A Foundation for the Third Internet Era

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Premium Live Auctions for Handshake Names

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  • Preparing a short but sweet auction this coming Nov 3 at 4pm PST


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Email & DNS hosting service with support for Handshake domains

  • Primarily focused on admin related issues; research, paperwork, planning, etc.

  • Active development towards the closed beta release slowed because of this, though progress towards that end has started to pick back up.

  • Goal is to start sending invites to beta testers in early-mid November.

Opportunities to help:

  • Thanks to everyone who reached out last month. For those waiting for the beta, sorry for the wait!

  • Anyone else interested in participating in the beta test of the DNS service, or is just curious to learn more, can always reach out to me on Twitter @nlydv or by email.


A diverse group of contributors that maintain Handshake core software like hsd and hnsd

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  • This month we released hsd v3.0.0 (which will be included in Bob Wallet v0.9.0). This is a major update that migrates block data to a flat-file format from levelDB, improving data robustness and speed.

  • Checkpoints were added to optimize initial blockchain download (IBD) and speed-ups of up to 50% were observed on some systems.

  • The root zone authoritative nameserver was updated with better DNSSEC, including more complete proofs of exclusion. These proofs are more compatible with legacy DNS software and protect users from downgrade attacks which are critical since we rely on DNSSEC for https (DANE).

  • There are lots more features and bug fixes added in hsd v3.0.0 please see for details and upgrade information

  • This update was brought to you by funding from Impervious, Namebase, Kyokan, dWeb Foundation, HNSFund, and others! It's great to see our decentralized community collaborate and produce great software for the network.

Opportunities to help:


We make decentralized stuff

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  • Bob Desktop 0.9.0 RC1 is out! This upgrade includes:

    • Name claim wizard: claim your name airdrop easily with this new wizard

    • SPV mode: use an SPV node instead of Fullnode and significantly reduced resources required when using Bob

    • Upgrade to HSD 3.0.1: improved sync time and node perfomance

    • Improved wallet performance: bring back wallet-as-plugin architecture and improve wallet performance

    • For downloads and release notes, check the latest GitHub Release!

Opportunities to help:

  • Please help test this release (and the new features) out by upgrading Bob Desktop. Feel free to join the Telegram group / Discord or create an issue on GitHub to report bugs and give feedback.


Make your domain trading life easier

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  • Hey fam! This month we have been working hard on our biggest auction yet, hoping to bring an experience we haven't seen before. We have decided to lock in the date: 30th of November.

  • More details soon. Get excited!

Opportunities to help:

  • If you are one of the following and would like to help us with a few tasks, message us directly:

    • Graphic designer

    • Video editor

    • SQL expert


Education & Services For Building Websites on Handshake

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  • In alpha testing of a HNS pay plugin for Woocommerce on wordpress. Working but not on the wp repo.

Additional community highlights

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Namer Norms

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