NB Registry launch announcement

Get excited Namers, the NB Registry is launching soon!

Get excited Namers, the NB Registry will be launching soon!

The launch timeline will be as follows: NB Registry will be aiming to launch within 2 weeks; soon following the registry launch, we'll onboard our Namer Community Directors to help beta test the registry; once we've implemented the feedback from our beta test, the registry will be ready to accept submissions for Namers who want to root their names.

Our first attempt at being a registry was back in April of 2021 when we outsourced our registry’s backend operations to a third party. We've received your feedback that there were less than great features and we discovered many areas that needed improvement. Thankfully, due to Namecheap's recent involvement with Namebase, we're greatly benefiting from their decades of experience operating the 2nd largest registrar in the world, which in turn means you'll experience great benefits as well.

With that said, we (Namebase) have partnered with the NB Registry, a Namecheap company, to enable our TLD owners to root their TLDs. With the NB Registry, you’ll enjoy the same quality and customer service that Namecheap is known for, and TLD rooters will be able to sell SLDs directly on namecheap.com!

Some specific features you’ll see from the NB Registry will include:

  • The same tools and dashboards ICANN TLD owners have

  • SLDs can be reserved

  • Custom SLD pricing (premium domains)

    • SLDs can be “gifted” (you can set the SLD’s price to a minimum of $1)

  • Root domain can be used

  • Rooted names will be compatible with other registrars like Porkbun and Encirca (with more to come!)

Previously you had to email staking@namebase.io to reserve SLDs or adjust your SLD pricing, and you could not access your TLD’s DNS records. This is no longer the case, and you will be able to do so without any intervention from our end.

Not every TLD will be listed and the NB Registry will have a screening process. For example, a name such as “.a03n72h/” would most likely be rejected unless the rooter can justify how they can reasonably market their business. To further ensure quality TLD listings, there will also be a one-time registry rooting fee of 500 HNS per TLD (up from 100 HNS before). On the topic of fees, the registry will no longer operate on the old revenue-sharing model (where we took 30% of SLD sales), and instead will charge $1/SLD sale with the rest going straight to the rooter.

With the roll-out of NB Registry, you’ll need to agree to their Domain Services Agreement. While most terms are the same, there are some new ones, so you'll want to review it carefully.

If you’re a legacy TLD rooter, your TLD(s) will be automatically migrated to the new registry at no cost to you. Please look out for a button on Namebase that is required to allow new SLD registrations on your TLD, which will include a link to the updated Domain Services Agreement as well. You will not be able to sell new SLDs until you’ve clicked the button, which we will announce via email to you once the button has gone live.

It might be a lot to take in, but if you think you're ready to commit your TLD to the new NB Registry, be sure to look out for our email, Twitter, and/or Discord announcements for the launch!

Until then, happy naming!

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