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Handshake launch timeline

Key dates for Handshake's launch

Handshake is launching! There’s some nuance to the launch so here are the key dates to make it clear:

  • Feb 3 - Handshake mainnet launch. Miners can mine HNS coins but other transactions (transfers, claiming, bidding) are disabled. Namebase will also launch at the same time — you’ll automatically receive an invite to join if you’re on the waitlist.

  • Feb 17 - All Handshake transactions are enabled. You can now claim your Handshake airdrop, transfer coins, and bid on the first batch of Handshake names released* for bidding. The Namebase waitlist contest ends (HNS rewards will be distributed in the coming weeks). Anyone can sign up for Namebase and bid on names.

  • Mar 1 - The first Handshake name auctions have closed. The lucky winners truly own their names and can use the power of decentralized DNS to build whatever they want! You can manage your DNS settings in the Namebase dashboard.

*Handshake names are released for bidding over the course of 52 weeks. Each week, a new set of names are unlocked for bidding. This ensures that latecomers still get a chance to bid on good names. You can check when a name will be released and add it to your waitlist at

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Tieshun Roquerre
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Tieshun is a Thiel Fellow who studied Math and Computer Science at MIT before starting Namebase. Previously at the age of 16 he became a fullstack engineer at Teespring, and at the age of 17 he founded StrongIntro which was funded by Y Combinator and Greg Brockman (founder of OpenAI). Tieshun's mission is to improve the security of the Internet by giving an unstoppable name to everyone in the world.