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July 2021 Highlights

Growing awareness! Landing page rehauled, ambassadorship program launched, partnerships with other projects!

July was a month focused on growing awareness. Our ambassadorship program pays you to help us spread the word about Handshake, our landing page is being used to test what messaging sticks best for new visitors, and we've been partnering with other dWeb projects to increase usage. Reply to this email if you have more suggestions for how we can supercharge our growth!

Here are the Handshake highlights from July:

The landing page has been rehauled! Expect it to change a lot as we experiment with different kinds of messaging to see what resonates best with newcomers.

Our community ambassadorship program has gone live and you can now earn up to 4000 HNS for a single lead you bring to us!

We've partnered with Argo to enable one-click app deployments onto Arweave and Handshake!

Learn how people are using Namebase to consistently flip domains for 10x to 100x returns in a matter of weeks.

Tieshun introduces Handshake at IPFS' Browsers 3000 hackathon.

Tieshun speaks with Crypto Rich in an interview that's perfect for newcomers to learn about Handshake from scratch.

As double emoji sales pick up, we've added an experimental "double" category for IDNA names. Check out this post analyzing the double emoji sales trends as you play with the new filter on


Community Updates

Impervious releases Fingertip, and open source lightweight decentralized Handshake resolver that grants access to other namespaces such as ENS!

Marcin Mikus speaks about his favorite crypto project, Handshake!

The fourth Flamingo Handshake auction saw 108,700 HNS worth of names sold, raising 27k HNS for community funds.

.tx domains launches through hey.tx, check out the Hey tx intro video here.

Fleek adds BunnyCDN for Handshake domains.

CyborgAngel reps a Handshake dress for her Twitch stream!

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